Blog – Summer by Priyanka Gupta

Taking sarees across the world, a befitting companion for this spectacular journey πŸ’™

Payal C Gupta wearing Summer by Priyanka Gupta in Egypt Cairo by the Great Pyramids of Giza πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¬

Is Summer just a season or is it also a vibe?
Does Summer just bring sunshine or also cheer?
In Summer do you just relax or also unwind?
And during Summer do you really bloom to realize your endless possibilities?

Let’s hear what famed saree blogger Payal C Gupta has to say about Love Summer.

β€œFor me, Summer has always been the season in which I play around with my fabrics and color palates. It lets me create a rhythm which effortlessly blends with the sun, the warm breeze and unwind from the formal regimental requirements of other seasons.”

As we look forward to the Summer of 2023, I’ve been fortunate to partner with Priyanka Gupta, who has taken the β€˜Summer’ vibe to an entire new level – draped here is her enchanting saree in organza silk with grape motifs and as soon as you wear it, it takes you away to that special vibe required for your next soiree…

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