Blog – Summer by Priyanka Gupta

Congratulations – You did it

Named after the season of sunshine and leisure, Summer is truly a brand for the Modern Indian Girl – one who appreciates the place she belongs to yet blooms where she’s planted. Hence It’s so heart warming to see our college graduates bring their culture and personal style (with a small side of summer) to […]

The art of store design & Crafting a retail experience

When we thought of setting up our first store, our first and foremost goal was to give our customers an outstanding shopping experience. We wanted it to convey that we care. While the design and production quality standards are set at our factory, we wanted our store to set its own benchmark in customer experience […]

To Summer Moms With Love

With time I’ve realized how much of our daily lives are run by our values. And I have to thank my mom for giving me the best of these –  empathy, fairness, hard work, and attention to detail. This helps me daily in my work at summer and helps me lead a team who in […]

My Summer Girl – Ravneet Sangha

We are so thrilled and excited to introduce to you our muse and woman extraordinaire Ravneet Sangha.  Our #mysummergirl Ravneet Sangha claims she’s just a readaholic mom of 2, but she’s anything but just that. Engaging, chirpy, opinionated, and enthusiastic, she very quickly finds a way into your heart and mind with her friendly banter and instant charm. My […]

My Summer Girl – Tarini Bhatia

From the pen girl behind her books to a style and content curator, working on both the sides of the camera, Tarini Bhatia unravels the idea of working in two areas of the business. As a creative personnel, she understands the need of the hour and is working in collaboration with brands to promote their untouched […]